hotel spa palais rhoul dakhla

The Palais Rhoul & Spa, your guest house to forget the noise of the world ...


Humbly, we accompany each client in this adventure, taking care of them at all times, ensuring that they live this suspended parenthesis as a beautiful moment of life.


We are closer to Dakar than to Marrakech, the notion of time and service is therefore at least as much African as oriental: Contemplative yes, but always benevolent :-) ...

Palais Rhoul SPA was exactly what we were looking for; A wonderful, small and personal boutique hotel. The room was cosy, clean, comfortable, well designed and tastefully decorated.
Staff always helpful and welcoming. they are truly makes this boutique hotel standout.

We had a lovely time everything was fabulous and we will definitely stay there again !!!

Anais a écrit un avis (janv. 2020) Le Palais Rhoul Hotel Spa Dakhla

This is typically the address you don't want to share. I would like to keep it only for me, it's selfish, yes, but it's not against you it's just that I don't want it to change, that it stays like that.
freeze forever and in my memory all these incredible moments that I spent in this little palace in the desert.
You know what, I won't tell you anything more


Brain v wrote a review Dec 23, 2008

Le Palais Rhoul spa hotel

"The resort is family owned and run by the hearts of the owners. Fanny is the owner and her sweet Mom Daisy helps manage the facility. From the moment we walked in the door it was nothing but passion, care and focus on our happiness.

Thank you Fanny and Daisy - merci beaucoup - pour un séjour incroyable!

Visitors from North America if you don’t speak French please make an effort to learn a few words. The staff are amazing and do their best with English; help them help you if you can say a few key things!"

NimNada a écrit un avis le 29 déc Canada

Le Palais Rhoul hôtel spa

"We spent 4 wonderful days with family in this hotel or rather this house so we felt at home
thank you to the whole team for making this stay unforgettable. Those seeking this authenticity have found the right address.
We will come back for sure hoping for a little more wind for the Kite. "


jla132015 wrote a review Nov 3, 2019

Marseille, France / Le Palais Rhoul spa hotel



"If you want to spend an unforgettable stay in Dahkla, I suggest you stay at the Palais Rhoul without the slightest hesitation. The decoration, the atmosphere, the view of the lagoon, everything is done to forget everyday life and recharge your batteries in this haven We particularly appreciated the enthusiasm and the kindness of the staff, thank you for brightening our stay! And if you have the opportunity, let yourself be tempted by the Thai massages. "


Mery wrote a review Oct 3, 2019

Le Palais Rhoul spa hotel

"We have just left the Palais Rhoul and we already regret it ...
Splendid sea view, very large superbly equipped suite, timeless atmosphere and decoration on the theme of travel ... magnificent. All the details are perfect.
The staff are very attentive.
Thank you all, we will definitely come back for a second!
See you soon."


Nynaparis wrote a review Oct 12, 2019

Paris, France / Le Palais Rhoul spa hotel


"I spent 4 days at the Palais Rhoul and without hesitation, I will return.
What struck me first was the friendliness and kindness of the staff. We are taken care of with a real interest in your well-being.
The comfort of the facilities, their simplicity and the discretion of the staff make this place a unique combination.
The meals are very good and everything is done at your own pace (I had lunch daily at 4 p.m.).
The massages are excellent. In short a faultless on all the services.
The hotel restaurant only opens in the evening and it is a good table.
Thank you all for your hospitality. I had a great time with you. "


Tam wrote a review Sep 8, 2019

Le Palais Rhoul spa hotel


"Very nice address in Dakhla. The pleasant welcome and the magnificent rooms overlooking the lagoon. The pretty swimming pool is a plus and the staff are always smiling and helpful. We had a very good stay here!"


Mathildegbl wrote a review Sep 2, 2019

Le Palais Rhoul spa hotel

"A hotel that I like with all its elegance and simplicity on a daily basis. Luxury without fuss. We are divinely welcomed, the staff is kind and helpful. The rooms are large and comfortable with a crazy view of the lagoon. pool area is nice because it is heated and the beds are large.
I loved the massages and the ritual of the hammam. I ate fresh fish like nowhere else
you have to go there and go back again and again. "


lajoieduvoyage wrote a review Aug 13, 2019

Le Palais Rhoul spa hotel



Exquisite service combined with extraoridinary interiors makes it my best hotel in my whole life. Add views, food and the good time. Here it is. Desert Paradise.

Pologne a écrit un avis le 31 déc 2019

Le Palais Rhoul hôtel spa